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  • Girls Colourful Elastic Hair Bands Rubber Band Great for Styling
  • Made of polyuretane high quality
  • Non-toxic,safety
  • Beautiful colourful elastic hair band especially in hair styles
  • Suitable for adults & kids
  • Weight: 10g (more than 80pcs)
  • Ship within 6 hours,if we receive order before 10am,except public holiday
  • 1 Piece Colours Plastic Pick Comb/Sikat Rambut For Salon Hairdressing Curly hair 
  • Dimension:L 16.5cm X W6.5cm 
  • Material : Quality plastics
  • Color available: Multicolour
  • Especially for combing and grooming very curly & thick hair. 
  • Suitable for family and salon use
  • Comb's teeth are wide, won't hurt your scalp and hair.
  • used for combing and grooming very curly, thick or kinky hair. 
  • Please note: Colour will be given based on stock availability, either one type colour or mix colour. Please check with us what colour is available before you place order. Thank you
  • Ship in 6 hours for order received before 10am, Mon- Fri except public holiday on non peak hour only
  • 100% natural made (no side effect to your healthy hair)
  • Made of scandalwood with jojoba oil
  • 20 mins effective
  • Natural dark brown
  • Product of Singapore
  • Suitable for men and women
  • 1 packet including natural conditioner & disposable glove
  • Each packet with 25ml 
  • 10 packet per box
  • Ship within 6 hours for orders received before 10am on Mon- Fri, except public holiday
  • The tweezers for remove eyelash
  • Product of stainless steel
  • Product diamension: L 8.5cm
  • High elasticity,non distortion,tight clamping & easily pullout small eyebrow 
  • convenient for used and won't hurt your skin
  • With anti-sliding handle
  • Handy for operating
  • Suitable for women/beauty shop/makeup girls/etc
  • Ship within 6 hours,if we receive order before 10am,monday to Friday except public holiday
  • 2 Packs Double Head Baby Cotton Buds/Baby Safety Swab For Multipurpose
  • Made of soft cotton
  • Best for baby cleaning of ear & nose,first-aid, eraser make up
  • Smooth and easy to used
  • Multi colour of plastic stick 
  • Coton buds with length 7cm
  • Packing:200tips-100stems/pack
  • Suitable for home, school, hospital, nursery, office and etc
  • Ship in 6 hours,if we receive order before 10am,monday to friday,except public holiday