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  • Padi Broom and Handle Made of Bamboo
  • 4 feet bamboo handle
  • Suitable for home, school, office, cafe, canteen, and restaurant
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Ship in 6 hours for orders received before 10am on Mon- Sat, except public holiday
  • 1 piece Heavy Duty Giant Broom 户外巨人扫 L60cm x W5cm x H2cm for Cark Park, Yard, Garden, Hall, Field, Factory, Fab, Home, Indoor and Outdoor.
  • 100% Malaysia in house local made
  • Heavy Duty 耐用,适合粗用
  • Durable
  • Hard wood handle
  • Handle Length : 150.5 +/-9cm X Diameter 2.8 +/-0.2cm
  • Provided with 1 Piece screw 3/4" for fitting Handle  
  • 3 times bigger than normal broom
  • Save Times, Save Energy, Save Work 省时,省力,省工
  • 1 sweep = 3 sweeps 一次可以扫3次
  • Hard handle steel head
  • Broom Head: Length 60cm x Width 5cm x Height 2cm
  • Brush Stick: Length 13cm, Thickness 1mm
  • Average Stick Quantity: 2952 sticks (41 ties x 16-19 sticks x 4 rows)
  • Black weatherproof sticks durable for raining/ hot day
  • Lazada invoice provided for company purchase. (Please ensure register as company in lazada platform before purchased)
  • Ship in 6 hours for order received before 10am, Mon- Fri, except public holiday on non peak period only
  • 1 piece Industrial Handle Nylon Brush for cleaning
  • Portable and durable
  • Brush materialsoft nylon ( black colour)
  • Diamention brush: L 16cm X W 5.5cm X H 7cm
  • Handle material : natural wooden
  • Diamention handle:L 27cmx W 4.5cmx H 2cm
  • Weight:187g
  • Suitable for Industries used for cleaning equipment,finish product surface etc
  • Suitable for barber shop,workshop,home cleaning
  • Ship within 6 hours,if we receive order before 10am,except public holiday


  • 1 piece with screw wooden handle with plastic wrapped and hook
  • Wood handle length 130cm + -
  • Broom in 2 colours (Red and Green)
  • Strong screw broom head
  • Nylon strip length 10.5cm
  • Nylon strip thickness 0.1cm
  • Broom head size: L14.5cm x W22.5 x Height 3cm
  • Broom head weight 257grams
  • Suits for outdoor used
  • Ship in 6 hours for order received before 10am from Mon- Fri except public holiday on non peak hour only