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  • Black
  • With 2 side Steel handlers with thickness 0.8cm
  • Made of thick plastic
  • Heavy duty
  • Dragable
  • Non Breakable
  • Stackable
  • Thickness 0.4cm
  • Size from top: Length 69cm, Width 49.5cm, Height 42cm
  • Size from base: Length 60.5cm, Width 41cm, Height 42cm
  • Weight: 3.8KG
  • Suits to be used for moving house, warehouse storage, farm/ estate etc
  • Ship in 6 hours for orders received before 10am on Mon- Sat, except public holiday
  • 1 Pieces Plastic Bathroom/Shower Basket and Bath Accessories Holder for Multifunction
  • Color available blue/pink/light green
  • Material of 100% plastic
  • Provided with 2 pcs of stick holder
  • Dimension:L18cmxH12.5cmxB13cm
  • Weight:105gm
  • Suitable used for bathroom to hold bath equipment and accessories
  • Ship within 6 hours if we receive order before 10 amf rom monday to friday,except public holiday
  • Produce from high quality Plastic
  • Bottom Diamension: L 44cm X W 32cmX H 20cm
  • weight: 632 gm
  • With two side handle
  • Colour avaiable :Red/blue
  • Suitable to storage of vegetable/Fruit/pos letter
  • Suitable for laundry basket/storage of clotch/etc
  • All the fruit foto/vegetable foto /letter foto/clotch foto display in this advertisement was not included.  
  • Ship within 6 hours,if we receive order before 10am,monday to friday,except public holiday 
  • Product of virgin material Plastic
  • Diamension: L 38 cm X W 26 cm X H 22 cm
  • With Two Folded Handle
  • weight: 318 gm
  • Colour: Red
  • Suitable for wet Market shopping/mini Market shopping/Emporium shopping
  • Ship within 6 hours,if we receive order before 10am,monday to Friday,except public holiday